What week is this?  What day?  What’s the new controversy now about Covid-19?  How many loved ones have passed away?  How many paychecks have Americans missed now?  

The stress has certainly been getting to me here on the west coast.  I love working from home but I don’t like being forced.  I know it is for a good reason, and so many others have so much less then I do.  So, I try to stay in gratitude.  With that said, until the end of June we are giving 20% off on all orders when using the promo code Covid19.  It’s not much, but maybe it will help someone else during this hectic time.  

Remember, if you have a house or a back yard or a parking lot you can always boost your energy and moral by doing quick 30 minutes works outs and yoga sessions.  Getting the blood flowing by working out and breaking a sweat is great for combating the daily lock down stressors.  It will also help with your gut and mental state.  As well as maybe give you a quick smile by taking your mind off things.

The ones closest to us usually get hurt by us emotionally the first and the worst.  So please, be kind, show love to all.

With love