This is purely an opinion piece, and you as the reader may completely disagree with this.  I want to talk about brands and companies that you see all over.  Or even better, brands you don’t see all over but absolutely love.  Why do you love them?  Why do you buy what they offer?  Why do you choose to support those companies over others?

One thing that drives me nuts is when a company says they are available for customer support 24/7 but when you call you get a message asking to call back.  Or, you are prompted to send an email.  To me that’s not how I gain and keep my clients.  When you call Wanderlust, you get a real person.  When you email us, you get a live person willing to call you or write back to help with whatever you need.  I choose brands almost subconsciously by thinking; do I respect the brand image, do I believe in them, and do I want to support them?  I won’t choose a local smaller company over a bigger national company just because they are local.  But I will choose a smaller local company if they are more progressive on customer service and more innovative then the bigger brands.  For instance, I will choose a smaller kombucha company like Bucha Buena over the larger brands because of branding, and the ability to always be mixing up the flavors quickly.  Also, that they were the first kombucha to release a CBD kombucha.  As a CBD company, I like that obviously.  

If any is still reading this long ass blog post I will close by asking you, how do you choose the brands you choose to support?

And now for a shameless shootout, if you ever have any questions on CBD, please feel free to call us and talk to real person.  We can walk you through CBD for the whole body and suggest products that might help. If we don’t think we can help, then we will also suggest other companies that might be able to.  We believe that doing what is right for the consumer shouldn’t come down to being too big or small of a company.  But the size of your company’s character.