People are looking for everyday things they can do to better their health.  For me, it has been a journey.  One with a lot of ups and down.  With all the surgeries and I have had sometimes getting out of bed is difficult due to pain.  I’ve noticed what helps is consistency.  Doing something everyday to better my health is key.  Which is hard since I am not a very patient person.  One of those things I’ve done is daily CBD every morning and evening.  Another is taking Super Greens, or as I like to call them, Performance Greens.  I use a brand called WanderGreens.  Another easy thing is some kind of cardio or stretching.  My wife does a simple yoga stretching daily and for me I try to get on our stationary bike to loosen up the body for a half hour.  

Whatever you may find to do, try to do it daily.  By no means am I perfect at it but when I do it I find that the daily tasks are done with a little more ease.

Be good to your body and it will be good to you.  That is a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Be safe