I have begun learning during my time as a business owner that marketing and advertising is key to growing a business.  Most people would say, “well yeah, duh.”  I would say that too until I hit a brick wall not knowing how to advertise with my CBD company.  I think it is safe to say that the more customers that know of your product or company the more you will sell.  Even when it comes to illegal drugs, like in the movies, the drug dealers are always at the same corners at the same time of day.  That is a form of advertising.  They are marketing consistency and availability. (I don’t not condone illegal drug use.  I am just using that as an example.) The same goes for car commercials with are always edgy and trendy, pharmaceutical commercials that market the beautiful family life and “you too can have health and wealth if you take our drug”.  But, not so with CBD companies.  We can’t market and advertise as openly as all other industries.  Facebook and Instagram are not approving ads.  I can’t do email campaigns with most email marketing companies.  So how do I win?  The companies that do say they will help you advertise are then charging twice as much to market for CBD companies.  So how do I compete?  The list does really go on with ways I CAN’T market my handmade, all-natural, health products.  But there are somethings I CAN do.  Please, to always try to remember how to change your environment instead of just how to complain about it.  For instance, I can do things like:

Farmers Markets

Organic posts on IF and FB

Blog posts on my website (like this one)

Free tastings at local shops

Daily sales trips in surrounding areas

Making apparel and swag to wear 

It’s more a of a local and small-scale approach but I do truly believe if you build a local following then that is something you can scale to statewide, regionally, and beyond.  Its humbling, but what isn’t ego smashing and humbling in startup business?  Keep your head down and slowly grow day by day.  Do something to grow mentally, emotionally, and in business every day.  If you do, then the complaining will become less natural and the successes will start to compound.