The Essentials

The Essential Tincture

We strongly believe that true healing starts from within, making this product one that the founders (and their dog) use daily. We found a formulation that can live up to the W.E. standards of convenience and effectiveness. The 30ml dropper bottle is small enough to go anywhere with you, and  packs 750mg of CBD in it to surely maintain your personal balance.

Relief Oil

The full body oil was created by request from a massage therapist.  We call it a full body oil because it can be used on any kind of surface area muscle, body, or joint pain.  Rub the oil into the affected area of the body as many times daily as needed or wanted, and let the proprietary CBD rich oil recipe soak in and work it’s magic.

Beyond the Surface Body Lotion

Moisture and healing is what one should expect out of a good lotion, and we offer just that. With our CBD infusion you will feel silky smooth on the outside, while the wonderful healing properties of CBD oil is absorbed beyond the surface for a deeper healing.

Lucky Lips

Made with a delicious concoction of beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and of course CBD,  Wanderlust Essentials delivers a kiss on the lips of all natural moisture and flavoring.

Simple Nectar

Our Simple Nectar is honey based simple syrup. It has a mild honey flavor with a smooth finish. Since it is honey based it will dissolve into any beverage and not leave an oily taste or feel in your mouth like a tincture would. Each dose is a quarter ounce with 25 mg of CBD in it with the best thing being that it TASTE GREAT.


It has saved my life during this craziness. My doctor won’t give me a cortisone injection because it lowers the immune system. My bad knee then creates hip issues and back issues. I have to wait until the 9th of June to get that stupid shot. Hopefully they will get me in sooner. But the bottom line is your product has helped me to get through and to get some sleep at night.  Really grateful for you.Cindy

We’re a clean and sober couple and this really helps…it’s pretty inspiring that you used your struggle to create something that helps others stay strong, we appreciate you! Anonymous

We love your company and will only buy our CBD from you!Larry

Healing From The Inside Out With The Perfect Blend of CBD 

Healing starts from within, so Wanderlust Essentials offers flavored 750mg CBD tinctures to help support your process. Our tinctures are made with CBD isolate which is the purest form of CBD you can find with zero THC. CBD is naturally high in antioxidants and has extreme anti-inflammatory properties. Ingesting it opens up a wide spectrum of healing, ranging  from anxiety, to muscle and joint aches, headaches, and sleep deprivation. Our topicals use hemp derived CBD oil with the very minimal amount of THC (less than 0.3%) that is required in the oil form for the CBD properties to activate. CBD has an incredible cell turnover rate, and can be easily absorbed through the skin making a topical product a great choice for targeted pain or scaring, and overall healing. The trace amount of THC in our topicals will not get you high nor show up in your system.